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I'm a Jack-of-all-trades designer, creator, maker, ideas man. Please take a look at my portfolio. Email me at for my CV or to get in touch.

My specialities: Interaction Design / UX design / hardware and software prototyping / game design / design education / graphic design / web design

Photography / audio engineering / sound design

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In my spare time: laser cutting things, learning new things, working with prototyping electronics, traveling, tinkering in the workshop, drinking coffee, making music, playing slap bass, listening to 80's music, relaxing with the family, film photography, kayaking. After living in Japan for about 2 years after graduating, I came back to Australia with my wife to travel and start working towards our dream.

I have a Cert IV in IT Networking, and a Bachelor of Multimedia Design from The University of Queensland, where I graduated in 2015 with a 6.4 GPA. I also earned a Prentice Scholar and Dean's Commendation award. Winner of People's Choice at Govhack 2018 for DiscoVR with my team, Technotelecomnicom.

I have a DIY attitude and I feel that many things in life are best appreciated when you've made them yourself. It makes sense then that I've picked up a lot of skills in my life, and I want to use them to make the world a better place. From all my time and many hobbies, I've learned how to pick up almost any new skill quite quickly.

If you made it here, you might enjoy seeing what the Global Consciousness Dot is like at the moment: