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Let the Days Go By

Let the Days Go By is a unique game that gives you a chance to live the good life. Find a job, get a big car, a beautiful house and a beautiful wife, all before your life runs out and things go dark. Float on the water and make the right choices, and you'll succeed in life. You absolutely must make the right choices in this life, is there really any other way to win?

Play the game (Unity3D WebGL)

For the design process and explanation, read on.

In early June 2018 I started working on a prototype of a minigame. The minigame was for a different game project, but after some time working on it, it evolved into a more standalone game, and eventually with some inspiration from Talking Heads it became what it is today. I'm proud of what it became, and I loved the experience making it. I hope to iterate on it in the future and perhaps turn it into more of an installation type of game. Below you can find much more detail about the game and my process.

Decorative flamingo