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Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight was a pirate-themed multi-device party game, designed and developed by my 6 person team in roughly 3 months in 2015. The game's basis was a proposal for a more simple 2D ninja themed game, designed and proposed by a different team the previous semester. For this project I was the project manager, lead game designer, creative director, interaction designer, and sound designer. I also contributed to the UX design, user testing, and programming of the game.

As the project manager, I really enjoyed the chance to be the bridge between designer and programmer, being able to communicate and 'translate' concepts and constraints between the languages of the two areas.

Pieces of Eight main screen

In Pieces of Eight, players must collect as much gold as they can within 3 minute rounds, travelling around a map, stealing from lootships (AI controlled), and fighting other players and the navy (AI controlled). These stealing and fighting actions take place through 3 distinct minigames that start when players get close to other ships. Players use the main screen's overview perspective to navigate the game's map, where they can see themselves, other players, and the lootships and navy; all the while seeing a detailed but limited personal view of this same space on their personal device. Minigames occur on players' personal devices, with the normal game continuing on the main screen.

I plan on working on this game more with some of the original team in the future, with the hope of releasing it. For that reason, I've kept some detail out of this description.

Pieces of Eight player screen
Decorative flamingo