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Tabi Budget will help you plan and budget your next holiday, letting you set and keep tabs on which nights are booked and paid for, and how much each night's accommodation costs. With a budget set for your trip, Tabi Budget will also let you see how much is left over for spending each day. It can be really hard to plan trips where you're staying in many different places throughout, so Tabi Budget has been designed to be a helpful partner in these situations, showing you the state of each night at a glance, and letting you lock in each date as booked as you plan.

While on your holiday, it lets you take a quick look to see what nights you still need to pay for, how much it will cost, and your daily budget for spending after accommodation is considered. If you suddenly find some extra cash, Tabi Budget lets you change the budget so you can see just how much more ramen or ice cream you can buy each day.

Tabi Budget is great for planning international and business travel, cases where keeping on top of your budget is very important and often quite hard. Caravaners, backpackers, campers and nomads will find it especially useful too, being able to easily know when it might be time to head back home before moths start coming out of the wallet.

With a focus on offline use and ethical design, Tabi Budget doesn't need a user account or internet connection, and it respects your privacy, none of your data is going to be sold to third parties.

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